Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hear We Are.

Red symbolizes, blood, power, respect, and luck.

Even though the red fitted might not have nothing about the topic that I'm about to write. But I thought It would be nice to remind ourselves of the origins of why we wear them. Cause in actuality this kind of dress wear is a walking piece of art.
(A fruit 4 thought.)

As we keep recording songs or while Czar creates another banging beat or the next hook to new tracks. Our talent is strengthening cause we are beginning to familiarize the music and concepts that Nu Era would like to bring forth, is not your average average radio friendly simple songs. We deliver  in every bar, hook or verse the sound of something Nu

Nu Era is a Hip Hp group with many members but with 3 main artists. Czar (Producer, song writer, and lyricist), Prince Just (lyricist) and Redstar (singer, and lyricist). 
If you are interested in learning more about us feel free to contact us at